Flight Start Solutions

What We Do

FlightStart Solutions offers a complete and seamless experience from the purchasing of aircraft to its safe and efficient operation.

FlightStart Solutions customers have the capability for immediate aircraft utilization.

Specializing in

All aspects of aircraft consultation and support from purchase to operation. Solutions-based Services include:
  • Aircraft acquisition assistance
    • Requirements analysis
    • Aircraft options and specifications
    • Initial search and negotiation
    • Acquisition and legal compliance
    • Pre-buy management and delivery
  • Flight Operations
    • Organize and staff your entire operation
      • Schedulers and dispatch services
      • Flight attendants services
      • Specialized catering
      • Financials and operating budget
    • Internal and external auditing
    • Safety compliance
      • IS-BAO Audit Certified
      • C-FOQA
      • SMS
    • Comprehensive maintenance programs
  • Fixed Base Operations
    • Development and consultation services
    • Requirement analysis
    • Initial management
    • Fuel management services


FlightStart Solutions utilizes the strongest resource companies and safety organizations in the industry to assure the safest, most effective method in building your flight department.