Fixed-Base Operations

Full spectrum FBO development services

  • For start-up operations
  • Enhancement or Assistance to existing enterprises

Operations exceeding industry standards in:

  • Customer service
  • Financial and operational efficiency
  • Safety management systems
  • Client and facility security

Requirements Analysis

  • Developmental requirements analyzed
  • Customized plan developed based upon specific departmental and operating goals
  • Plan implemented by your management team - with full engagement and training by FSS specialists

Design Considerations

Unique, vigorous and comprehensive programs provide turn-key operational excellence to fixed base operators desiring or required to provide service up to the highest diplomatic levels.

  • Facility layout, flow and efficiency
  • Achieving excellence through culture
  • Policy and procedure adherence
  • Ultra-professional staff selection
  • All levels of personnel training
  • High-end customer service requirements
  • FBO amenities and customer comfort
  • Marketing and business building strategies
  • Department development and structure
  • Administrative procedures
  • FBO, aircraft and customer security

Regulatory compliance

Aviation fuel management services

On a global basis, FlightStart Solutions provides highly efficient aviation fuel management services for fixed base operators, corporate flight departments and charter operations.

FlightStart Solutions fuel management team administers all fuel related issues eliminating non-competitive, logistical and handling concerns.

Negotiated pricing

We negotiate our fuel pricing for transit and based operations with all major oil companies and re-sellers.

Fuel supply contracts

Negotiated to maximize supplier assistance and secure long term, favorable, formulated pricing

Fueling equipment specifications

Procedures are addressed to assure safety, ATA 103 compliance and uninterrupted fueling operations

Ground support equipment requirements and utilization

Identification of equipment requirements

Acquisition and utilization


All department managers will be coached during development in order to assist them in demonstrating and instilling the highest level of professional practices in their departments


Overall responsibility for daily management will gradually be turned over to FBO personnel as their expertise and operational effectiveness progresses