Aviation Advisor

Reasons to use corporate aircraft

  • Aircraft utilization strategies
  • Performance metrics for flight operations

Senior manager selection and placement

Aircraft acquisition planning

Pre-buy management and delivery

  • Initial search and negotiation
  • Acquisition and legal compliance

Corporate aviation safety

  • Corporate aviation’s excellent safety record
  • Safety policies, cultures and programs
  • Need for and role of a safety manager
  • Industry safety standards
  • Required and recommended safety equipment
  • Incident/accident response plans
  • Safety reporting and its value

The regulatory authority

  • Regulations affecting your operation
  • Accepting payment for flights
  • Flying elected officials

Staffing the flight department

  • Duties and responsibilities of flight department personnel
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Passenger travel policies
  • Passenger safety and training

Airports and facilities

  • Airports for corporate aviation
  • Background information regarding airports
  • Key parameters of airport infrastructure for your aircraft needs

Tax and budgeting issues

  • Sales and use taxes on aircraft
  • Local taxes
  • Federal taxes on fuel and transportation
  • Tax benefits on owning and operating corporate aircraft
  • Implications of using a corporate aircraft for personal flights
  • Budget for flight operations

Aviation insurance issues

  • Hull and liability insurance
  • Best coverage and rates for your operation
  • Employee insurance issues

Security Planning

  • Flight department personnel security issues
  • Protecting your aircraft at home and intransient
  • Protecting your aircraft at home and in transit
  • Securing the aircraft and handling security issues
  • Security resources